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About Us

With only one full-time employee, our small size is our strength. Our low overhead keeps our prices low for small orders, and we can personalize orders for any situation. Most small order can be completed within 24 hours. We have multiple partners we use in order to field larger order at our same low price. Our local customers appreciate how personable our ordering experience is; We work with customers of all knowledge levels, and all orders are checked for quality before printed.


Business Cards
Door Hangers
Envelopes, Standard
Envelopes, #9
Envelopes, #10
Envelopes, A2
Flyers, Full Page
Flyers, Full Page Duplex
Flyers, Half Page
Flyers, Quarter Page
Note Cards / Greeting Cards
Postcards, EDDM
Rack Cards
Rack Cards, Folded
Trifold Brochures
Wedding/Party Invitations

Before You Order

Camera-Ready Files

Standard files should be sent in .pdf format, at the size the customer would like the finished sheets, with at least a 0.125” white margin around all edges of a page. Note that while we may print multiple copies on a sheet (i.e. 9 copies of a 4” x 6” postcard can be printed on a 12” x 18” sheet), camera-ready refers to each single document. We can convert to .pdf from word processing documents or from a number of picture formats (i.e. .jpg and .png), but generally have a minimum $5 charge for file conversions. Note that word processing documents may look different on our equipment vs yours, so the .pdf option is the safer way to go. Also, if you are sending a picture file, be sure the resolution for the file is adequate (preferably at least 300 dpi, although our machines actually print at 1200 dpi or better).

Full-Bleed Printing

As with almost any printer, we do not print to the edge of sheets as fed through the machine. So if a customer would like images printed to the edge of a page, we will print a larger image on larger paper and cut down to the finished size. For example, if a customer wants an 8.5” x 11” flyer printed to the edge, we request a file with an image at least 8.7” x 11.2” (where the extra image will be cut off). Also note that image location on a sheet and cuts to the sheet are very accurate, but not precise, so it is recommended that text and important images are located at least 0.1” inside the intended cut line.

Single Images Preferred

Where we will be printing multiple images on a sheet, please provide only a single image. For example, if you are ordering a print job at “1/4 page” size, please provide a single image that is 4.25” x 5.5” (with required print margin). It is often time consuming and counter-productive for a customer to assume the sheet size that we will print on and to lay out multiple images on that size sheet.

Please Include Job Specifications

Our paper ranges from 16-lb text paper (20% lighter than standard 20-lb copy paper) to 130-lb cover stock (about 5x heavier than copy paper). We also offer coated and uncoated stocks, colored papers, synthetic waterproof stocks, and even adhesive paper mounted on coroplast (corrugated plastic) backing. So be sure to specify the weight, color, and coating (if applicable) for your job. We recommend no lighter that 24-lb paper for colored prints specially for duplex jobs with heavy color coverage (due to bleed through o thinner papers). Postcards must by at least 80-lb cover stock to meet postal requirements, but we recommend a minimum of 100-lb cover stock for cards that will actually be sent through the mail.

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